New UK anime licenses from Manga Ent. and MVM


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WTFDaveMustaine said:
I've never known anybody be so cynical. He even beats me. At least I have blasts of positive vibes. 8)

I have a friend who is raving about Noein. Since it's Manga i'm not sure if I should just risk it and buy the individual DVD's or just wait for a boxset. Hmmm..

Noein is real good you should wait for the boxset.


Espy said:
They've had plenty good releases from the Geneon and Funimation catologue. It's unfair to claim they've only ever done one good show.
Yep, it's just that their presentation leaves a lot to be desired.
Espy said:
Anyway, I can't be bothered with another MVM arguement.


So it may not be something I have any interest in myself, but if distributing some western animation is going let MVM continue to release such gems as Haibane-Renmei, then I'm all for it. Their DVDs will never be as great value as Manga, but if it wasn't for them then series such as Fruits Basket and the aforementioned Haibane would never have been released here (Manga wouldn't touch them because they're too gentle or 'girly', and ADV and Beez are limited to whatever their US parent has already licensed).


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Conan-san said:
Paul said:
Conan-san said:
MVM, so thick they licence something that isn't even an anime.

That's out of order. I don't care what problems you've got with MVM, but you shouldn't be talking like that here. Drop it.
The fact that hey have to get something like Mr Hell just sums up that they aren't doing the sorta business they want, even when being cheap as flip and doing as they are.

And I'm sorry if it's out of order, it's the truth.

The only thing they've done good is FMA.

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All MVM, all in my collection. There is no way you can suggest that MVM wish they were in another bussiness, they were founded as an anime distribution network! More over perhapes you should look at ADV's catalogue of live action films or Manga's. :roll: