new mobile anime game


Hey, i'm new on this forum but I’ve working on a mobile anime inspired game called Ekko and the Firefly and want to make sure I’m on the right track, any help/suggestions/comments would be great in helping me pursue it! i'm trying to create an anime-ispisred visual identity for my character. Im a big fans of Studio Ghibli films and would like to incorporate influences from Princess Mononoke and stuff. If you wanna check it out, do and let me know please!! :))

Watanabe Ken

Magical Girl
To be honest the backgrounds are plain and uninteresting. But it's hard to say I could only find a few pictures on your website

Professor Irony

I actually quite like the minimal look of the artwork, but as pointed out, there's not much to go on right now.

Also don't be offended if the mods move this thread to the creative section.


I've also added a competition in the mean while whilst I get more images and trailer up to date! Check it out if your into anime DVD box sets :)