New GITSSAC trailer


Same trailer we’ve all seen and I might watch it out of curiosity but it just doesn’t look good at all, it just looks dated for today

you heard of altered carbon resleeved? Dai sato was working on it, probably why this looks so bad! He wasn’t there to see how it turned out. Really should have gone back to how it was done before, but it’s hard to find a budget for a series that hasn’t aired for a few years now and Netflix wants these made quick so they can throw them out

Professor Irony

Based purely on the trailers for both shows, it seems like the higher-ups are aiming both SAC 2045 and Altered Carbon Resleeved very consciously at that 'young adult' audience, by which I mean both feel like they're skewing younger than I would have otherwise expected.

Don't feel particularly hyped for either at the moment, but I suppose it'll be much more of a disappointment if GitS turns out badly.

Cold Cobra

I'm entirely trustworthy...
AUKN Staff
I'll never not be amused to read the short-hand as "Git's Sack", but yeah, it look pretty bad. Really enjoyed the two live action Altered Carbon series' as well, but am similarly disappointed in how Resleeved is looking. Ah well...