New autumn '04 anime season in Japan


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Seems like with October just starting, many are starting to get excited about the new autumn anime season in Japan. In a few days, the fansub scene will start bursting with new series, so what are you looking forward to?

I personally don't have much of an idea about any of these new anime starting besides seeing a few trailers.

Sunabozu looks like decent Gonzo cyber-punk fare, apparently Bleach! is supposed to be great (serialized in the same magazine as Naruto and One Piece) so thats another one to check out - and Beck sounds cool too - just because I like the name (its being animated by Madhouse too!) :)

Anyway, I'll hopefully be able to check out a lot of these new series and post up my reactions here. Anything you're looking forward to? Post up you're opinions on the new stuff too.

Rurouni H

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Gundam Seed Destiny, the sequel to the previous Gundam Seed series (which I missed first time round on the fansubs), looks really really cool. Seeing as its the first Alternate Universe Gundam series to get a proper sequel that isn't a movie, I'm really looking foward to it (And yes, I do know that I go on and on about this - I'll shut up now).

I'm getting the manga of Bleach! soon, what I read of it on the Shonen Jump site seemed quite good, so I might just take a look at the anime. Other than that, I really haven't looked at the fansubs going up. Guess I'll go and do some poking around...


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What? Bleach! anime? Im currently loving the manga so i would love to see what the anime looks like. Im just looking forward to Beyond The Clouds, which is made by the same guy who did Voices Of A Distant Star whos name escapes me right now.


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Im just looking forward to Beyond The Clouds, which is made by the same guy who did Voices Of A Distant Star whos name escapes me right now.

Makoto Shinkai; that guy is so talented, I have little doubt that Beyond The Clouds will be nothing but great. :) Might go watch the trailer for it again...


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So far, I've seen Bleach and My-HiME from this new season. Both have been good, enjoyable fun without standing out as anything particularly special. Looking forward to seeing more from them.

Seems like there are a lot of 'dating-sim'/romance/fan-service type anime coming out at the moment, not really a genre I'm particularly bothered with.

I'm looking forward to watching something dark and serious - apparently 'Moonphase' is a dark vampire anime, looking forward to that (already missing Full Metal Alchemist; would be hard pressed to find a better anime in 2004).

The first episode of Gunbuster 2 was supposed to be very good and 'crazy' in an FLCL type way, but no fansub has appeared yet. Having never seen the original, I hope its not too insular.


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Gankutsuou is easily the best of the new season so far. Based on the famous novel 'Count of Monte Cristo', the animation (by Gonzo) uses some of the most original style I have ever seen. The character designs are slightly remincent of Leji Matsumoto's work.

Based on just the first episode, I can tell this is going to be a series worth watching. The story of revenge has already sucked me in and I can't wait to see what happens next.


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I think it would be fair to say this new season has been a little disappointing so far. Most of the new anime seems to be either fanservicey action or dating sim adaptations.

Based on what I've seen so far; Gankutsuou is the most striking and potentially outstanding series, Bleach is interesting in a Naruto kind of way (e.g. wide range of cool characters, fun imaginative action) and Beck is just plain weird, but weird in a good way.

Nothing else has really stood out for me yet. Anyone else following something worth mentioning?


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I've been enjoying Final Approach, even though the episodes are short and at first glance it seems to be another of many romantic comedies, it's the right side of wacky funny.

One that I have to recommend is Yakitate Japan, about a boy who wants to make a national bread for Japan. It's very good (going on the first episode so far).

I also enjoyed the first episode of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha. It has a certain something which raises it above just being a schoolgirl/magic animé.