New Anime Releases - 19/04/2015

Ian Wolf

AUKN Staff
Reviewed both part of Needless when they were previously released by MVM some time ago. Have purchased Royal Space Force.


Comic Book Guy
And, by happy coinkydink, my review of Royal Space Force went live on AUKN yesterday.

It's AWESOME to see the movie finally, actually, honest-to-god re-released in the UK. It feels like I've been posting online and name dropping the movie forever in hopes of it reappearing. And now it finally, truthfully has!


Mad Scientist
I have to admit I'm surprised MVM does so many of these combo packs as they don't seem to sell very well short-term, and usually end up going up to a price (a few weeks after release) that's pretty much equal to buying the two individual volumes together. I suppose it's a good way to re-package the discs though for a more casual buyer, and its obviously greatly appreciated when a two-cour set is a DOTW. I just can't really imagine something Needless as a strong seller.


Nothing for me this week as I own the US bds for Needless & Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honneamise (although I have received a copy of Honneamise for my brother).


The Quintessential Pouts
AUKN Staff
- Plan to get Blu-ray version from Sentai Filmworks at a later point.

Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honneamise
- I will get this, just waiting for a possible price drop before picking it up (because it always happens).


Student Council President
So many weeks ... in the last 4 months ... of "nothing worth getting" ...

◄ The Wings of Honneamise CE BD: I have my eyes on this one and I hope it'll be available for a while, but I'd like to buy it for sure.

◄ Needless DVD: I wanted this on Blu-ray ... so badly ... ;_;"
I wish somebody who owns the two US volumes wanted to get rid of theirs so they can get the complete collection.
Reason? The Needless volumes 1 & 2 are confirmed that you can use the menu with the Sentai trick ... And with the more recent release that wouldn't work.

Of course given the above is unlikely to happen I'm probably going to get the US complete collection despite being region A at some point when I can afford it.
Or when I can convince some nice guy to buy it in a Rightstuf sale and sell it on to me at the reduced price+shipping given Rightstuf sales can be a huge win I heard.