Nes Mario Bros Worth?

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by cyborg 002, Feb 25, 2015.

  1. cyborg 002

    cyborg 002 Kiznaiver

    I was checking ebay for Mario Bros for Nes. I was interested to know what they were going for, since I want to sell my Mario Bros.

    This came up. ... 7675.l2557

    It sold for over 87£

    Granted is also have the cardvorard box. I have the same game without the cardboard box and another picture on the cartridge also a simpler cover on the manual. I'm still wondering if I can get close to the same amount for my game?

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  2. sora

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    There is a couple of Gaming groups that i am in on facebook were people might be interested if you are selling, pm me if you want links to them
  3. britguy

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    The difference between a near mint boxed version and an unboxed version can usually be quite considerable tbh. It's the completionist mentally that raises the prices up.

    I'd wager you'd still get 30/40ish for it without a box but with a manual tbh (Based on nothing more than my experience with selling loose/boxed versions of the same game)

    Edit - also noticed it isn't a Nintendo branded sleeve. If you have a Nintendo branded sleeve then sell it with that. Plain black sleeves usually came with third party releases I believe. .
  4. demonix

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  5. britguy

    britguy Za Warudo

    , what op has is mario bros. Which is a port of the arcade title. The platformer is super mario bros.

    The version he links to is the usa release of this, the version he has is the european version hence different cart and manual art.

    Just fyi here is a unboxed version of mario bros and you can see the price difference ... 30&alt=web

    Whether or not the pal version is more common or rare compared to the ntsc version is not something i can advise on.

    selling on ebay be hit and miss. You might get lucky and h ave a few people who really want this when you list it and it pushes price up.
  6. cyborg 002

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    Hi Sora.

    Thanks, but if they are UK based I don't even know if this game will work on there consol?

    From what I know there is PAL A and PAL B, they made this to avoid parallel import on Nes games.

    Thanks for all the info everyone. It's been most helpful.