Negi - Negima original 1/8 sculpt

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A new project and a first time sculpt for me... I've been hunting around for a kit from Negima for a while but have so far been unsuccessful in finding one, so I thought I'd make my own form modelling clay (Super Sculpy Firm) :D I've never done anything like this before and don't realy know what I'm doing (Honest :oops: )

First I picked the image of Negi that I wanted to base the figure on... Image from Vol.15 Period 130.

Next I needed a basic scale drawing of Negi. The Manga's are good in that they include alot of character details. Negi for instance is 140cm high making the 1/8 figure 17.5cm. Shown here with my first attempt at his staff.

Scale drawing for his staff & sword (sword from image in Vol.15 period 136) with old staff and new staff, which is much closer in shape to the drawing. The old Staff used a plastic core over which I applied the Sculpy and Milliput. The shaped top of the staff was to thick so I made a new staff using a thinner metal core (1mm florists wire).

I'd created the drawings needed to make a start, and had all my reference books to hand.

These core pieces made from scuply are the start of the build proccess.

Once the core pieces were baked, they were drilled and pinned allowing me to get the correct pose on the figure. I then added the feet, a quick tinker so it would stand up, then filled between the joints and baked once more to set the position.

I've now started to bulk out the body, trying to include the more prominent muscles with out over doing it. A bit more work on the upper back is required to highlight the shoulder blades.

Negi is skinny but very active, so I'm trying for a slim, yet toned look.

His legs might be to far appart, but I don't want to start cutting bits off untill I have too.



Wow dude that looks like its going to be a lot of work but well done you, can't wait to see how the model takes shape as you continue with it


OK so it's probably a bit too late at this stage, not to mention they're a different scale, but, you might find some of these tutorials usefull. ... board=29.0

As it's part of the official boards for a few small miniature companies, the people that do this stuff for a living are nearly always available to answer any questions, don't be afraid to ask people for advice, they are usually really friendly.

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Thanks for the link, I'll have a look asap :D

Update: not much more done and it's been about 3 weeks I got to this stage... Once I get round to it, it'll be the head and hands next.




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It's been a while scince I touched this sculpt, but I have finaly made a start on the head. A gent over on the E2046 forum by the name of Steve Pryce has an ingenious way of creating accurate anime heads, and I'm having a go. I only started this morning, so haven't got to far along the process...

First you need a side and front profile of the chara's head, then transfer it onto a piece of thin card.

Next cut out both profies and join together thuse...


The next step is to cut a thin strip of styrene (plastic), mark and cut the eye sockets into it, then bend and slide it into place through the cut in the card (on the side prophile). Once this is in place you can start to build up the head with the modelling clay.

Update... work from 4th & 5th March

Eye section in place...

Starting to take shape. Using Miliput white for bulking out the head, it's a two part epoxy putty, is workable for about an hour or so and air hardens.

Update... work from 6th & 7th March

Filled out the back of the head and part of the neck, also dug out some of the cardboard & filled the gap. The profile isn't quite there yet. It needs more filling around the cheeks and more work on the mouth & nose...


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Wow!! I didn't see this thread before! *Big Akamatsu fan*

The model is looking good so far! I'm looking forward to see some more stages of it!

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Give it a go, the materials are cheap and source material for your favourite chara' can't be to far away :) Hope to see the fruits of your labour soon...


I've been following this on the E2046 forums and it's looking good. :D

I will say that i'm starting to hate you though... I've spent loads of money ordering figures because of you. *Shakes fist* :x


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I hate me too, sometimes I just can't help myself... I've got 10 GK's waiting to be built and a further 16 on order (about £500 worth). Still can't help but love it :D


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Wowow! Looks cool so far!
I bought some sculpey recently, I'd love to be able to make a figure like that! Any tips for a newb? xD