Naruto Shippuuden OP2/ED3


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Here's videos of the new Naruto Shippuuden OP2&ED3.

The OP seems to be misisng a few seconds at the start, due to the raw I guess. I think the OP's ok but like the ED alot since the same group did Naruto OP3 and Yakitate Japan ED3.

As usual, what's everyone else's opinions?
OH ****, the opening is awesome, seriously, Bleach needs to learn from that, like... from 30 seconds onward the opening is AMAZING. [Shame Shippuden isn't as good. =/]

Don't care for the ending it's an alright song, a little slow paced for my liking and the visuals are decent though not much happens.
Awesome opening. It looks like Shippuden might possibly be going back into the original Naruto fashion. As for the ending, I feel like I've heard the song before, and the animation was a tad boring. Most endings are fairly boring anyhow.
Stopped watching this series a while back. Just had to many fillers and episodes where the just gasp at each other. Although i do like the opening and ending songs / animation! :D