Naruto readers...


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Hopefully they'll skip the filler anime

dont worry there is NO filler in the manga.

you wont have to sit around and read any of that crap.

It should contain the KAKASHI GIEDEN (thats probably spelt wrong) which kicks so much ass!!!!!!!!!!!

now if other manga publishers could follow suit then that would be something!


I wouldn't mind them doing this for a little while with more Jump's a nightmare having to wait 3-4 months between volumes. >_>


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It will be good to get the books & have all bar 3 of the Released Manga

They haven't annonced the Shippuden manga yet have they?


Ooooh I might have to start collection the mangas that pick up the Shippuuden area of Naruto as I've seen all the anime so far and don't really wanna collect the mangas of that.


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thekendyman said:
They haven't annonced the Shippuden manga yet have they?

No, but it's just called Naruto in the manga - no name change.

I apologise if you know that already, just thought I'd clarify =)

Though I suppose Viz might change the name of that part of the manga to advertise the TV show. Like they did with Dragonball.


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I would imagine that they will change the name to try and hype up the anime. But will they call it Shippuden or Hurricane chronicles?


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I doubt a name change, Kishimoto (sp?) Just called it Naruto: Part 2, i dont think they would bother editing pages and covers; it'll only upset the Fan boy/girls