Nana and Fushigi Yugi


Dandy Guy, in Space
I watched the first few episodes of Nana years ago when it was on fan-sub and I quiet enjoyed it. I am very tempted to buy the box-set so I can watch the whole thing but its always been super expensive or hard to find. I have noticed a new region 4 set of all the episodes has appeared on UP1 and am getting very temped towards it.

I just wanted to see what peoples thoughts on the show was and does it have a satisfying ending. I know the manga is ongoing / on hiatus so the story wont be fully complete, but some sort of closure would be nice after 50 episodes of watching.

Also Fushigi Yugi seems to be getting a cheep re-release. I know it has a reputation good and bad. Should I dare?

Rena Ryuugu

I can't really say anything on Nana, as I haven't seen it, but I shall say yes about Fushigi Yugi. It's a really good series which I have enjoyed watching myself.
Unfortunately NANA does not end conclusively, though I wouldn't say it was unsatisfying. I don't know how it ties into the manga, but the final episode is at least partly set a few years in the future, and leaves a lot of questions about what had happened in the interim. It's a bit like how Berserk leaves you eager to know what occurred in the time between the final and first episodes.

But NANA is such a fantastic series, easily one of the best of the last decade, that I wouldn't recommending giving it a miss on that basis. EDIT: I wrote some thoughts here after finishing the series last year, and some discussion followed.


Nana is in my top 5 favourite series ever and is DEFINITELY worth buying and supporting.

That being said I agree it does not have a conclusive ending and it actually leaves you feeling a little depressed about things... There are many volumes f the manga that weren't animated, they did always say they'd go back to do a second season when the manga was finished but that was years ago and with the health of the author in the balance I doubt it ever will finish.

I have the Viz sets, which are ok, but the region 4 set looks like a complete bargain. Same with the Honey & Cover set (though i much, much prefer Nana).


Dandy Guy, in Space
I think I am sold on Nana.

I wrote some thoughts here

I really enjoyed reading this thoughtful discussion on the series. I think I will just go into it and see it as about the journey rather than the end point and that should help. Endings can be a deal breaker for me, but it sounds so enjoyable from hat you guys have said I will be giving it a shot.

I think I might give Fushigi Yugi a try as well. By the time it is out my money should have regenerated again.