Name the anime from the automated ticket gates!


Death Scythe
16, exactly half... Most have been educated guess based on colour palettes. (Except a certain funeral dressed guy, that was obvious.) Got tricky when there were choices full with titles I haven't seen at all.


Vampire Ninja
14. There wasn't a single one where I remembered the shot from the show, so I mostly guessed based on the designs of the hands. The only one I could tell from the background was the Shinkai one, since metal never looks that colourful in other anime.


Soul Reaper
Still can't believe I've got the highest score! When I posted this thread I had only been watching seasonal for just over a year and had also watched a fair few of the most popular shows/films of the last 20 years, but not everything. I thought some of the guys & gals here who'd been watching longer would easily beat me! Maybe I was lucky in the shows used, I definitely remember some being guesses as well.