Nakama Britannica Podcast Episode Eight Released!


00.00 &ndash; <strong>Intro </strong>&ndash; Yakitori (<em>Yoko Kanno</em>)

02.44 &ndash; "<strong>Journey to the West": 1993-2007</strong> - Jubei (<em>Kaoru Wada</em>)

In the concluding part of our retrospective, we tie some monofilament wire round the hilt of our katana to discuss <strong>Ninja Scroll</strong>, <strong>Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust</strong> and <strong>Highlander: Search for Vengeance</strong>. When asked about the possibility of a sequel to Search for Vengeance, Kawajiri replied "No, there can be only one".

Followed by: "Sandmantas Rest Area" (<em>Marco D'Ambrosio</em>)

1.22.07 &ndash; <strong>Closing</strong> &ndash; Forces (<em>Susumu Hirasawa</em>)

Thanks once again to daichi383 for his work on the edit.

iTunes link available shortly. In the meantime, download from the <strong>thread</strong>.