Nakama Britannica Podcast 21: Favouritcast!

Professor Irony

Seeing as this is episode 21, it might have been clever if we'd all turned up wearing American football helmets and made jokes about eyeshields. On the other hand, this would have been completely pointless, as you can't see us, so you'll have to make do with this episode instead.

This time, we're discussing personal favourites, but in a bid to make things more interesting, we're not discussing favourite series per se, but rather favourite single episodes - that one episode of any given show that we thought was a particular standout.

Having initiated the topic this time, Conanthe3rd is our main host for the evening, but joining for the festivities were: Arbalest, Vivisqueen, Yowanda-San and that self-important hipster, so-called Professor Irony.

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Don't make this a one-way experience! After you've heard us ramble on about the innate depth of Magical Princess Natural Lychee, let us know your own picks for that one truly great episode you saw one time at 3am on a channel that no-longer exists. Doesn't have to be your absolute favouritest show, perhaps even the rest of the series was not that great, but most importantly it's whatever you thought was an especially memorable 20 minutes that does the medium proud.


State Alchemist
Nice timing! Interesting topic indeed. My modern favorite is episode 11 of PSYCHO-PASS, but I certainly have a few others I might try to form into a list.

Professor Irony

ilmaestro said:
Nice timing! Interesting topic indeed. My modern favorite is episode 11 of PSYCHO-PASS

Will certainly keep that in mind - I've been rather rude about Psycho-Pass in the past without having seen very much of it, so I feel I owe it another shot.


I've yet to watch the rest but even if you just watch the first 11 (And given that's a seaosn of Noitamnna it fits) it tells a good enough story of a Failed Utopia pretty fine.


I do warn in advance when we discuss it, but i'll advise for spoiler warnings when we discuss my favourite episode. It's pretty hard not to discuss the episode in particular without having to discuss it in great depth, so just a warning to those. Otherwise i'm glad we have another episode out! I've been itching for this to release for a while so i hope you all enjoy it. It's nice to discuss something we're truly passionate about honestly