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  1. Scrambled Valkyrie

    Scrambled Valkyrie Kiznaiver

    Hi guys. Around May this year I started a blog called "Animehead's retroworld"

    My aim is to post semi-regular articles about old anime and manga that people may not know about and cover a vast array of different topics. So far I have a mixed bag of stuff like personal articles about making friends through anime fandom to things like a recent article in which I look back at what the early 90's UK anime scene was like via an old BBC documentary. I'll also do the typical reviews and stuff (with a retro slant) including retrospectives on entire franchises. I'll review merch as well as actual anime and manga and I plan to look at anime-based games and figures/model kits in the future.

    I've had a busy year and so my output hasn't been as frequent as I'd like but I've really enjoyed writing every piece I've done.

    I would REALLY appreciate any comments or feedback on any of the articles. It's important to me to improve and I also want to deliver content that people WANT to read. I don't think Wordpress lets you like or comment unless you use it yourself so any feedback here would really be great.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this post. Hoping to have new articles up this weekend. I'll update here when I do.

    Link is below:-

    Animehead's Retroworld
    Twitter: @animeheadsretro
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  2. Professor Irony

    Professor Irony Cardcaptor

    Was having a look at your article on the BBC Manga documentary today and, if you're interested, there is a digitial English language release available for the Cobra manga through Kadokawa's Book Walker app, with one of the volumes available as a free sample when you sign up. The volumes are named, rather than numbered, so I'm not sure how complete it is, but it covers both some of the older content from Shonen Jump as well as some of the newer arcs that Terasawa produced with his computer colouring method as seen in the programme.

    Also, I really like your header image on the main page by the way :)
  3. Scrambled Valkyrie

    Scrambled Valkyrie Kiznaiver

    Thanks for that Prof Irony, hopefully they're in the process of doing a complete release of each volume. I'll check it out. As established in the thread about your art I can't draw very well myself but my header image art is by a very talented German guy called Hans Steinbach who goes by the handle Hanzo and Heavy Metal Hanzo online. Since he drew this for me he has went onto much bigger things including designing sprites for games, doing art for Capcom and all kinds of stuff.
    I hope you enjoyed the blog. I plan to get at least 1 more article uploaded this weekend.
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  4. Scrambled Valkyrie

    Scrambled Valkyrie Kiznaiver

    Hey guys. If anyone has enjoyed the blog I have a new article I've just uploaded tonight which is the first part of a complete retrospective on the entire Armoured Trooper Votoms franchise. This first installment starts at the beginning with an in depth review of the TV series.
    I'd meant to get this uploaded sooner but you stuff got in the way.

    This weekend I'll be uploading another new article about my experiences working with Animeigo on the recent kickstarted release of Riding Bean on Blu Ray. I'll post here when it's up. Link to my site is below (scroll down past the giant header image for a list of articles).

    Animehead's Retroworld
  5. Scrambled Valkyrie

    Scrambled Valkyrie Kiznaiver

    My article about working as a subtitle proofreader for animeigo on their recent kickstarter BD release of Riding Bean is now up. I hope people find it interesting. I love feedback on my articles so if anyone has any please let me know!

    Scroll down past the header image and it's the most recent article.

    Animehead's Retroworld
  6. Greboruri

    Greboruri Completely Average High School Student

    I commented on a couple of your articles on your blog, but for some reason they disappeared in the the ether...
  7. Scrambled Valkyrie

    Scrambled Valkyrie Kiznaiver

    Oh really? Maybe I didn't get the moderation email. I'll look into that. How frustrating! I've been dying for comments as well!
    What's your wordpress handle so I can have a search?
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  8. Scrambled Valkyrie

    Scrambled Valkyrie Kiznaiver

    Just posted a very personal article about friends who've touched my life through anime and manga fandom. I share a lot in this post and I hope the emotion in it comes through in a positive way and if you have like-minded people in your life I hope it makes you feel glad and appreciate every moment you share with them. More reviews coming soon also (hoping to get one up this weekend).
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  9. Professor Irony

    Professor Irony Cardcaptor

    That was rather touching really. I think we get so used to seeing and hearing about negative aspects of various fandoms that it's easy to forget how much these things can bring people together and bring out the best in them too.
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