My Hero Academia episode 51

Mr L

Great Teacher
Definitely a lighter episode to cool down from all of the heavier stuff recentl. The animators certainly took a breathe, not that I'm criticising, it was a slice of life episode so it didn't the highest amount of budget.

Seeing the rooms was fun and interesting even two of my favourites,
Tsuyu and Bakugo, didn't get shown.

Tsu's moment at the end did help ground the episode and remind of the consequences of the last arc. Well done to Monica Rial and Caitlin Glass who guest directed the dub for the episode too.

My three major questions:
- Why exactly did Bakugo drag Kaminari into the bushes again? Still a little confused.
- Did they really not have any dorms at all? What about students from outside the city or overseas?
- What on Earth is in Mineta's room?! Speculate away!

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