"My Girlfriend is Shobitch" UK Release Cut by BBFC


Monsieur Monster
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The BBFC confirms that a scene has been cut from MVM Entertainment's upcoming Blu-ray release of the raunchy comedy "My Girlfriend is Shobitch", citing its portrayal of a child in a sexualised context.

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Death Scythe
Out of intrest what was the last UK anime release to be cut by the BBFC. It does seem like a massive contradiction that its still available via streaming.

Magical Senshi

Straw Hat Pirate
Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid would've been the last, but whoever was going to distribute it (possibly Anime Limited on behalf of Funimation) decided not to release it as a substantial amount of cuts would've been needed to pass for an 18 rating.

The last released title to feature cuts if I'm correct was Battle Girls: Time Paradox, released by MVM. which was given a 15 rating.