MVM to release FLCL on Blu Ray ..


Pokémon Master
Oh snap that was unexpected! Anyone know how good the picture quality was on Funi's BD? I'm assuming it'll be based on that.


AUKN Staff
Now this was unexpected! This is the first time MVM has added Blu-ray to a back catalogue. Hopefully Berserk gets the treatment in the future (there is a Complete Blu-ray box released in Japan and Europe).


State Alchemist
Hadn't heard any particularly good reviews about the PQ of this on BD in other parts of the world, and never was a particularly massive fan anyway, so... maybe?

Shiroi Hane

Dragon Knight
Since it's MVM they're more likely to be getting masters from Madman than FUNimation (unless Madman just imported the discs) but the PQ is probably the same.


What I found is pretty bad reviews of the Japanese and US version (which seemed to use the same QTEC upscale).

I've found a good review of the Madman disc, but...