MVM Entertainment UK Confirms Uncut Blu-ray release for Satoshi Kon’s Paranoia Agent


State Alchemist
Their reasoning came from their stance that younger viewers might be influenced or harmed over an attempted suicide scene
First to point out that said "reasoning" made no sense since they still gave it an 18 rating, meaning children weren't legally allowed to buy it anyway. So the BBFC were basically admitting their services and ratings actually do nothing to stop people under 18 watching 18 rated media.
portrayals of potentially dangerous behaviour, especially relating to suicide, self-harm and asphyxiation, which children and young people may potentially copy
Yep, admitting they still think children will watch it even if they give it an 18 rating. What is anyone paying you for, again?

Glad this decision is finally being overturned, but it never should have been made it the first place.