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Anyone else's Aria the Animation disc 1 spinning really loudly? It's kinda annoying, I don't think it's my player since every other disc is ok. If you have an LG 4K player and this show please check it out.

EDIT: not sure why but it stopped, no other disc was making a noise so I was a little concerned.


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I think its excellent. It's their current deal of the week. No idea if that will affect its chances of being in the sale though.

Also a group of us are also going to start a simulwatch of it on monday.
I can almost guarantee that their weekly deals are better than any other -20% or so site-wide sales they might have.
If a bleak dystopian future is your thing, give it a go.
Cheers guys
Just purchased before it goes off sale

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Yes! Ergo Proxy is a Top 10 Anime OAT for me... I especially dig that crazy Episode 15, It's hip, it's happenin', it's groovy, man! 🤪

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Missed opertunity... No blu pass

Good to see an older title being re-released in this country, shame it's DVD only.
It's DVD only in the US too, but I reckon it's cheaper and more cost effective to use discs of an already released English friendly release (from an English speaking country), than it is to create your own discs from scratch.

Having said that, if MVM's release is based on the ADV complete collection release (or the Funimation re-release), then episode 13, which is just a recap episode, will be missing (if I'm correct, it was intact on the ADV singles).