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Anyone else's Aria the Animation disc 1 spinning really loudly? It's kinda annoying, I don't think it's my player since every other disc is ok. If you have an LG 4K player and this show please check it out.

EDIT: not sure why but it stopped, no other disc was making a noise so I was a little concerned.


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I think its excellent. It's their current deal of the week. No idea if that will affect its chances of being in the sale though.

Also a group of us are also going to start a simulwatch of it on monday.
I can almost guarantee that their weekly deals are better than any other -20% or so site-wide sales they might have.
If a bleak dystopian future is your thing, give it a go.
Cheers guys
Just purchased before it goes off sale

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Yes! Ergo Proxy is a Top 10 Anime OAT for me... I especially dig that crazy Episode 15, It's hip, it's happenin', it's groovy, man! 🤪

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