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    I have just watched volume 1 of 'Mushi-shi' anime and loved it! Browsing around Forbidden Planet at lunch today and noticed that there were 2 manga volumes of 'Mushi-shi' on the shelf, hadn’t known there was a manga series! Did not buy them there and then (stupidly expensive) but they looked very pretty and detailed! Has anyone here read them at all?
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    I've read vol. 1 and 2 of Mushishi. It's nicely strange and has a quiet pace, like reading water colours, I really liked them. I haven't seen the anime so I can't say how they compare with each other.
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    I have just read volume 1 of this manga series and having also watched volume 1 of the anime can say they are very faithful to it. If I had watched the extras on the DVD earlier I would have seen an interview with the director telling me exactly that! The manga is beautifully drawn, and I agree that there is a ‘calmness’ to it. I like the fact it is made up of several stories as it allows me to stop reading at a good place whilst commuting! Volume 2 is already out and waiting on my shelves to be read, am very much looking forward to seeing how this series as an anime and manga progresses.

    On a side note the manga also has a list of Japanese words and names used in Mushishi which are then defined and explained. – very useful and interesting!
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    I've almost bought the anime volume 1 and 2 DVDs quite a few times. I'm quite keen to see what they've done with the colouring and what they've chosen for music. How do the volumes correspond chapter wise? Is the manga vol 1 more or less the anime vol 1?
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    It is almost frame by frame copied from the manga, the director was such a fan of Mushishi and had mentioned he hated seeing manga books he loved turned into an anime and then have bits taken out and changed so has tried to be as loyal as possible. Volume 1 of the DVD was volume 1 of the manga so am assuming the whole series will be done as such.

    The music is very atmosphere and suits the relevant plot scenes, and the theme tune is rather catchy – sung in English too which was a surprise. Not Japanese pop in the least but a more laid back number.
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    The anime is going in my christmas basket for sure :D and I'm keeping tabs for volumes 3 at the beginning of the year.

    One thing I like about Mushishi is the way the wandering Ginko doesn't just heroically blast in to places and blast the Mushi out with the problem solved. Things aren't always so cut and dried or with "traditional happy endings " for the people involved.

    I watched the opening credits to hear the 'Sore Feet Song' by Ally Kerr. It is quite pleasant and fits the mood with it's lyrics, and maybe I'm a little less suprised of the choice for the title song as I understand it was somewhat popular in Japan at the time.

    There's also a live action film of Mushishi if anybody is interested :D

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    I noticed the Mushishi manga when I went to the Japan Centre in London. It's kind of half wrapped up, can't remember if I managed to see a bit or not, but yeah they have a lot there (in the original Japanese format), I didn't know there was an English version so I can't wait to try and find that now as I thought the anime was absolutely superb.