MP3/iPod recommendation


I have an very old iPod touch and it’s starting to die. So I would like recommendations on either an iPod or an MP3 player to replace it.


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If you can get your hands on one then the iPod classic is probably the way to go. With the massive storage sizes it’d keep you going awhile. I’ve had mine for going on 8-9 years now and it’s still working great...

The only problem is finding one since Apple discontinued them.


I'd recommend the iPod Classic too. I love the fact that I can have my entire music collection in my pocket. I've had the 160gb version for at least 10 years and never had a problem. It still holds its charge really well and they're really well built.


I just use my phone nowadays. Mine's a Sony and has a mini SD card slot. I've got a 32GB, although I listen to stuff off Spotify mostly so it's used for photos.


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I've always fancied a FiiO. They're supposed to produce very good audio quality and they take a microSD card rather than having internal memory (so you do have to buy one separately, but that does mean they're upgradable unlike an iPod). They can also play pretty much any audio format you can throw at them including lossless formats like flac.

Until then, I'll work on bringing my disassembled 12 year old iPod back to life with a ZIF SDD (and probably a new battery).


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I have a Sony NW-A35 (Walkman branded but not a traditional Walkman) MP3/AAC/FLAC player. 16GB internally but I've put a 128GB SD card in it. The firmware I had previously on the player did sometimes make the music at the start skip a little. Hoping the latest firmware fixes that (haven't actually tested it yet).

Pretty much does the need of playing my music (and the odd bit of radio when needed). If I need anything more than that I can just use my phone.



I'd go with the guys recommending the ipod classic, I'd have to take a look at them for it to be a solid recommend though

A lot of people stream everything now though, all you reall need these days is a modern phone, a few gigs of memory (possibly an sd card) a good pair of headphones/earphones/earbuds and a good music app, poweramp plays anything I throw at it, but it cost me like £5 to get the full version, still for most people that is cheaper than a new ipod


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Fiio X1 for me but it's getting old now. Can the iPod still be recommended if you don't use iTunes kind of thing?

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Why not another Ipod Touch? Keeps the same functions

I just use my phone (Sony XZ) or if its a long trip then I'll use my old Iphone 6 as an Ipod


I have recently been down this path and I demo'd the Astell and Kern AR?SR-15 and i could not tell much difference between that and my IPOD Classic.

I think that the IPOD classic is the best. It is so easy to use, does what you need and still has a volume control. I also prefer a dedicated music player for my tunes.

You can switch out the Hard Disk for an SSD of upto 1TB. This uses less power than a Hard Disk and speeds everything up. You can also upgrade the battery and replace the DAC.

I have used this place iPod Classic 5G repairs | Screen and Water Damage |

And they seem good so I recommend them!