Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin Part II available to pre-order

Ian Wolf

AUKN Staff
The second Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin OVA is now available to pre-order exclusively from All the Anime.

All the Anime is working with Bandai Visual to import into the UK special collector's editions of the hour-long episode entitled Artesia's Sorrow, having already released the first part, Blue-Eyed Casval earlier this year. It is a Japanese release and so while it will include English subtitles and dub, all extras will be in Japanese. Extras include art books, a storage box and a poster.

The deadline to order this release is 12pm on Monday 15th September, will be expected to be delivered in November, and will cost £74.99.


Universal Century 0071. Three years have passed since the escape from Side 3's Autonomous Republic of Munzo.

Casval and Artesia, the orphaned children of Zeon Zum Deikun, have fled to Earth along with Jimba Ral and taken refuge in the household of Teabolo Mass. They now live quiet lives under the names Edouard and Sayla. However, they are once again being targeted by the evil schemes of the pursuing Zabi family...

Meanwhile, Side 3 has been renamed the Autonomous Republic of Zeon. The Zabi family have seized power, and as they consolidate their system of control, they embark on the development of a new weapon called the mobile worker in order to resist the Earth Federation Forces.

Review of Episode 1, Blue-Eyed Casval.