Miscellaneous mecha discussion thread


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Nice, thanks!

I have both Thunderbolt movies, so I'll get to that eventually.

I've searched high and low for the 0079 CE series but it's nowhere to be found. I guess I'll get the standard versions in the next AL sale... But I'll keep that in mind about the movies!
On this forum I do feel like I'm in the minority about the movie trilogy. A lot of people do seem to prefer them but for me the series had so much going on that it did a disservice to the story to cut it down.

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Very much like @João Gomes, I've just finally started the scary ascent of mount Gundam, so let's see if I make it to the basecamp.

I'd downloaded the Gundam original trilogy movies on Netflix to watch on holiday and have just seen the first one. Sorry @WMD, since our last discussions on this I'd been forever delaying starting on the original series, so I gave in and started with the movies to at least make a start. For me the art and sound design are a bit too dated and old school to enjoy, so it helps that the story is intriguing and therefore probably easier for me to watch the summarised movies as well. For a compilation, like @Dai I thought the first movie was pretty good and very coherent for someone unfamiliar with Gundam (say when compared to the first Eureka seven hi evolution movie). Onwards with the trek! (whilst the beautiful Turn A boxset and the recently sales-acquired IBO collect dust on my shelves).