Merry Christmas and 2015 wishes!


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Hey guys just wanted to wish you all a very happy merry Christmas! 2015 is shaping to be a great year for me with a new managers job for me at waitrose. I am moving store next week to wimbledon and I also have a trip to japan with some friends to look forward to in march! So what have you guys got lined up in 2015? Have a great one!


Death Scythe
Merry Christmas for tomorrow everyone!!! :D <3

Congrats on the Managerial role!!!

Oh my gosh so jealous of your holiday to Japan! Are you familiar with the language or kanji or are you going in 100% tourist?

I'm looking forward to tomorrow. Tons of food, tons of gaming and tons of films. Boxing day my Mums bf is joining us too so it'll be a slight rinse and repeat of Christmas Day plus the addition of him, Mum, Brother, BF, Gran and me playing Cards Against Humanity. IT WILL BE GOOOOOOD.

I don't want to do anything this NYE other than a meal/takeaway and tv. I've been to friends houses the last 2 years and my years haven't been super. Friends don't bother with me and me and the bf have frequent tiffs so I'm hoping that by changing it to not being around "friends" (toxic people), next year will change :)

No plans for 2015 yet. I'd like to go on a large and a little holiday but I need to renew my damn passport first lol.


Combat Butler
Well I have already been once last year but that was just 5 days so it went by very quickly! At least I kind of know what to expect over there it's my friends who don't know what to expect! I am trying to learn kanji and some phases for the trip, having a hard time through!

Don't keep the friends who pisssd you off all the time. Keep the good ones who you know will always have your back. I had the same problem 6 years ago. I wasn't happy with certain people so I just let them float off into the breeze and kept the ones who were worth being around. Now I have a great bunch of friends who I wouldn't trade for anything. I would take a bullet for those guys! Keep your head up sweetie! XD


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Merry Christmas everyone! Got sent home from work early due to an IT failure so I'm already relaxing at home.

Congrats on the job dude, Wimbledon is actually my closest Waitrose so you might see me around! I'm planning a Japan trip next year too, though it'll be later on in the year.

2014 was a much better year for me than 2013, hope 2015 continues the upwards trend.


Death Scythe
Ah well sadly those I am removing from my NYE is all of them lol. I don't really have any friends.

There's one making effort atm with me though but it's cause she's pregnant now and can't go out drinking like she'd do all the time without me and I'm the only one who owns a house to chill at etc. I'll still bother with the toxics when I need to feel like I have friends and want to go out but I'm hoping I break the bad omen as your NYE is meant to influence your year and that.

Ah that's ace that you've been before. I'd love to go but feel I'd need to know some language and kanji as Top Gear showed that they're keep their culture strong with no english translations ANYWHERE lol.

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I went out earlier this evening, and when I came back the bathroom was flooded due to a disconnected pipe, leaking water downstairs via the kitchen lights. The house has no running water, no heating, no cooker and no downstairs lights.

Merry Christmas everyone!


devilrules666 said:
You have us! We should build a aukn house and all move in together! Anime all the time!
Fridays - 7pm each week: This is reserved for Type-Moon animes. No negotiations! :D We'll work the rest out another time.

Well, I've said my piece on modern Christmas traditions and issues with them. But I'll say that I wasn't always so skeptical about the season. (This is where I go all philosophical in rambling, I'll change colour to when it goes back to something else)
As a (now) break-away "part-time Christian", I enjoyed Christmas coming, and we would go to church and (even though going seemed more like a chore) I'd join in the singing of hymns, go home to open presents and play with them, watch TV with everyone, eat and relax. But it was all about the fun of the day and being with family, giving some thought to the real message of the season - the birth of Jesus.

After the conversion to agnostic views in college, I stopped calling it Christmas and called it Xmas. Without the religious side to it, I was still looking forward to the time with family and the exchanging of gifts with near-and-dears. Then things started looking more and more commercial every year - I view it as a capitalistic trap surrounded by dutiful traditions of time-consuming endeavors and lifeless expenditures. Especially when things seem a lot more expensive now then they were before, focusing on technology. This becomes reminded with certain people's attitudes towards the festivities around me.

Some part of me wishes that I still had a sense of faith, so it would give me a redeeming reason to carry on with it without self-scrutiny. I don't think age is a reason to forget such a nice experience that it can be. Age usually is associated with it because you start to become more responsible for sorting out the day's events when you're older - Buying/cooking the food, decorating and putting up the tree whilst replacing lights or tinsel, writing your own cards instead of parents sending wishes to far-away family (plus the size of the list of contacts), buying stamps or posting/delivering cards, etc.
It's a festival for one day, yet some people spend half a year preparing and getting stuff slowly. I still think 2 months is too much time to waste on it, but it just takes that long to get everything and sort it out.

But with all these things toned down and just letting things go more freely/smoothly, it could be a very fun day still. Why eat Turkey? Because the USA do it for Thanksgiving? Hell, they do that AND then again on Xmas, so that must be a budget blow-out. Just small compromises and a brighter outlook on it would make the spirit of the season come to life again.

For what's happening, it's traditional stuff - Wake up, say hello to friends, head over to dad's/partner's place, give and open gifts, eat/drink, chat/watch movie, return home and relax.
I plan on meeting my Uni friends at the end of January, and there's talk about us going on a group trip to Amsterdam. I'll be looking forward to that, since I've not been off this island for 5 years at least. But that's it for that. I just continue to save up for the new car before my next MOT is up.
So yes, enjoy the festivities everyone! Hope you all have a great time!


animefreak17 said:
Wait isn't it 2014 now

By the way merry Christmas
Yep, it's Xmas 2014, but the title refers to said Xmas 2014 as well as what to wish for in 2015 (New Years). You thought it was referring to next year's Xmas, correct?


Happy Pancake Day!

wait i'm a bit early, or late?

Merry Christmas!

Seriously, have a good one guys, and if we don't catch you on new years, enjoy yourself. I'm working on new years i think D: But until then, i have the wait until my present openings, i know i have a WiiU, but not what else is with it...


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Merry Christmas folks.

Due to my desire to import stuff I basically didn't get that much this year. I'll post what I got in the Photos Thread.