MCM London May 25th-27th


Pokémon Master
So I know this is well early but I'm guessing since they now charge ridiculousness for their tickets, some of y'all would of bought whilst it was the cheapest price lol.

I'm going! Only bought a day ticket as weekend is stupid now.

The fact that a day ticket = a weekend ticket in Manchester says it all. Trying to get all my Southern lot up for it next year as same hotel wise, 1 night in London = 3 nights in Manchester.

I'll be going to the Manchester one and Geeked Fest in Wales this year. Maybe Hyper in July as it's a different venue isn't it to the Xmas one? Whilst Tobacco Dock is stunning, it's grim for crowds with all the steps and all the mashed up little rooms with little stalls lol.