MCM London Comic Con - May 2017

Oh joy of joys! Me and my Anitwitter friends will be there as always, though I understand some familiar faces will make their appearances also...
Was okay but had some issues. One of the things that baffles me is putting the Power Rangers panel first thing Friday and then nothing but signings/photoshoots after that.

Guests as a whole felt a bit samey. I know they're a huge draw but it'd be nice for MCM to replace the Adventure Time guests with another CN show, though I know Steven Universe cast were at a US con this weekend.

Attendees were rude this time. I had a bag with something I bought kicked down the aisle by someone rushing for a seat for the Riverdale panel starting after one I was covering. Not an accident, they gave it a good few punts. Cons are busy and hectic but I hate those who think such a massive event is somehow just for them.

Highlights of the weekend were the Anime Limited panels. The Fairy Tail one was great (Minamikawa is a riot) and the Sunday one spoke of the sense of community AL has fostered.