MCM Discontinues Telford, Liverpool and Northern Ireland Comic Cons


Josh A. Stevens

MCM Comic Con, the umbrella covering a number of regional pop culture conventions across the United Kingdom, has today shared the unfortunate “exciting new developments” that their events in Liverpool, Northern Ireland and Telford have been discontinued. In response, MCM has committed themselves to an increased focus on expanding their continuing events in Birmingham, Glasgow, London and Manchester.

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— MCM Comic Con (@MCMComicCon) November 21, 2017

Responding to a follower enquiry, MCM Comic Con confirmed that anyone who has already purchased tickets for one of the discontinued events, such as March 2018’s MCM Liverpool Comic Con, should receive a full refund within 10 working days.

Last month, US-based pop culture event organiser ReedPOP confirmed their acquisition of MCM for a figure that, while undisclosed, is suggested to be upwards of £17.5m by insiders speaking to Forbes. Conventions already under ReedPOP ownership include New York Comic Con, PAX and Star Wars Celebration.

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awadama fever

Za Warudo
Oh well. I had a great time at Liverpool this year (and gave AL a lot of my money), but I'm not interested enough to spend the extra money and effort going to Manchester.

It was nice to have something like this in Liverpool at least.


Mad Scientist
There was an MCM in Telford?

Can we have one on Teesside? We've got like four times the population of Telford.
Telford has excellent transport links for the Midlands, it's not as weird as you'd think. (Or at least it wouldn't be if not for the other nearby MCMs)


This is bad news.I see can people haveing to pay separately to meet guests and Q&a sessions which does happen at comic con in the it's going to end up being for people have a lot money and not for the real fans.
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