MCM Comic Con London [2015] - 22nd-24th May


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AUKN Staff
I know this post was rather late (or just in time, take your pick) but I figured we needed a thread for this.

MCM have extended this convention to three days just like the one in October, and there's a lot of stuff going on.

Official Map of the place - see here
Official Show Guide - see here (pg 46-47 map, 48-50 directory)
Official Schedule including Panels, Autographs, Cosplay and more - see here

Anime-related schedule:


Upper Theatre

16:00 Anime Ltd: Part 1 – Andrew Partridge & Jeremy Graves discuss their 2015 anime releases


Upper Theatre

10:30 Anime Ltd: Part 2– Viewster simulcast discussion and Q&A

15:00 Bandai Namco – the latest from the company and a box art recreation photoshoot

17:00 EuroCosplay Qualifier – first of UK qualifying rounds for 2015 EuroCosplay Championships

Theatre B

12:00 Animatsu/Manga – Jerome Mazandarani & Andrew Henson discuss their upcoming releases

13:00 Viewster Presents the Anime Guest of Honour – illustrator & voice actor Hidetaka Tenjin performs a rare live demonstration


Theatre B

13:00 State of the Anime Industry – reps from Anime Ltd, MVM Entertainment and MyM Magazine hold a Q&A panel

Examples of companies attending the convention:

- Anime Limited/All the Anime [1741]
- Bandai Namco Games [2541]
- Capcom [3273]
- CeX [2311]
- Gundam Nation [Q]
- Ideas Factory [1432]
- Koei Tecmo [2251]
- Konami [1711]
- Manga Entertainment [2741]
- MVM Entertainment [2832]
- MyM Magazine [2252]
- NEO Magazine [911]
- Nintendo [2051]
- NIS America [1851]
- Otaku UK [T]
- Rice Digital [2812]
- Sheffield Space Centre [AD]
- Square Enix Merchandising [1831]
- United Publications [N]
- ZOOM Japan [1962]

and numerous more will be appearing.


Magical Girl
Should there be a map or exhibitor listing up for the October london MCM? If not anyone have any idea when it might show up?

It could be that I'm just being blind and it's already on the site... But I can't see it...


Karamatsu Boy
They usually post the attendee details right at the last minute. Like, one or two days before the event opens. It makes planning really annoying.