MCM Comic Con Diamond Pass Question

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I've been meaning to go to one of the big UK Comic Cons and I understand they offer a Diamond Pass (the Manchester one charges £100 for a day one). Problem is either I'm dumb and wasn't able to fully understand the terms of one or its just not explained well.

All I want to know is what perks do I get with a a Diamond Pass (early entry?, restrictions on what guests I can and can't see?, etc)

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Manchester Comic Con isnt an MCM event

From what I can tell its a queue jump for Autographs and Photo's (but you still need to pay for the Autographs/Photo's)

And 9am early entry

Only restriction is if you have to buy the autographs/photo's (I'm guessing only available before the event?)

So I guess the tickets aimed for people with really deep pockets and want lots of autographs

Invisible Crane

MCM scaled back due to covid and have only brought back London and Birmingham so far
Ah!, anyways thanks for clearing up the confusion over the pass. I guess if or not I buy one depends on how many guests catch my eye. And so far only one (Jodi Benson aka Ariel from Disneys The Little Mermaid and Jane Doe/Patsy Smiles/Almondine from Cartoon Networks Camp Lazlo) has caught my eye (hey, a chance to meet a legit Disney legend?, can't pass that up!). Guess it would be silly to spend £100 on a pass to skip the line, meet said guest, have a chat, get a photo and then be like........."okay now what do I do"
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