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  1. Ian Wolf

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    Tonight I'm appearing on Mastermind (8pm, BBC Two), under my real name of Ian Dunn. My specialist subject in this heat is "Bleak Expectations", the Radio 4 Dickensian sitcom. I did want to cover anime, but I wasn't allowed to. I suggested three different anime related topics - Gurren Lagann, Osamu Tezuka and Studi Ghibli, but I wasn't allowed any of them on the grounds that "no-one would have any idea what I was talking about." ... 5105236992
  2. Sarah

    Sarah Staff AUKN Staff

    Wow! That's great news, Ian, well done - must set the box to record. (But I'm speechless at the Beeb response to the anime-related topics. Just goes to show...)
  3. IncendiaryLemon

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    I can't say I've ever actually seen Mastermind (although I know roughly what it's about) but it does really suck to hear they'll bar topics. By that logic, I don't think they'd ever let me on :p
  4. Rui

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    Congrats Ian! I'm afraid I don't have television (and have never heard of the BBC-made radio show... hm, a bias towards their own content in themes?) but that's awesome. Do let us know if they post any clips online :)

    I used to like Mastermind very much as a kid.

  5. Professor Irony

    Professor Irony Cardcaptor

    Did they not have Hayao Miyazaki as a specialist subject once before? They certainly had "identify the Studio Ghibli film" as a picture round on University Challenge one time, so boo-urns to them.
  6. Ian Wolf

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    I just looked this up, and there was an episode of Junior Mastermind in 2005 where Hayao Miyazaki was a specialist subject!
  7. Sarah

    Sarah Staff AUKN Staff

    You did so well on your specialist subject, Ian! We were on the edge of our seats watching - and we think your general knowledge questions were much harder than the others! It must have been quite an experience; you have nerves of steel! (I think John Humphrys really enjoyed asking the
  8. Sarah

    Sarah Staff AUKN Staff

    ... ooops asking the questions about 'Bleak Expectations' as he was chuckling away; not something you hear every day!

    And shame on the BBC researchers for not being aware of the global presence of anime/manga (cartoons for children...?) Although Mark Kermode is a fan, I think; he's given glowing reviews to the more recent Ghibli films on the 24 hour BBC channel.