Manga UK to Re-release My Hero Academia Season 1?


Adventuring Alchemist
AUKN Staff
It would be nice to see MHA get a less expensive release here and a rerelease of S1 would make for a good jumping on point for new fans before S4 starts airing.


Dragon Knight
Good news! The combination of price and tat put me off the other release, so it’ll be good to have a (presumably) more affordable option.
I hope so. I've been hovering over importing the AU standard for so long now...

I can't justify it when the UK version with tat for which I have no room works out cheaper.


This is great news if it turns out to be 100% true, I've been hoping for this to happen for a while now as even though I'd of loved to be able to get the original Collector's Edition for S1, the price is way to much for me, especially now it's out of print. I'll be skipping out on the Collector's Edition for S3 likely as well due to price but fortunately Manga UK are releasing standard editions of that.
If this is true then I'll be able to own the standard editions of all 3 season which will look better on my shelf instead of having all different editions in different sizes. I do plan to pick up the steelbook of the Movie at least though.