Manga UK Releasing Future Diary Later This Year


Monsieur Monster
AUKN Staff
Four years ago, the Japanese animation studio Asread (<em>Shuffle!</em>) and director Naoto Hosoda (<em>The Devil Is A Part-Timer!</em>) adapted Sakae Esuno's psychological thriller manga <strong>The&nbsp;</strong><strong>Future Diary</strong>&nbsp;(<em>Mirai Nikki</em>) into a twenty-six episode television anime series and now, after a lengthy period following Kaz&eacute; Entertainment's confirmation of plans to release the title in the United Kingdom, fans won't have much longer to wait.

In an interview with Japan Curiosity, Animatsu Marketing Manager Andrew Hewson announced that the long-awaited release will be take place in the last quarter of this year, courtesy of Manga Entertainment UK, who will be releasing the title in two half-season&nbsp;&nbsp;on behalf of Kaz&eacute; Entertainment. Although Andrew Hewson didn't clarify on the release format in the interview, UK Anime are reporting that the series will be released on both DVD and blu-ray.

Are you looking forward to&nbsp;<strong>The&nbsp;</strong><strong>Future Diary</strong>?