Manga Twitter: News Round up & 2 questions answered


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Several more interesting News twiters and 2 Questions answered by Manga on their Twitter Account:

News from Twitter
“Free Dante's Inferno and Soul Eater posters off Manga booth and your chance to win a signed Bleach guitar! Come say hi at Expo.
1st person to the Manga stand @ Expo who can complete Sacred Door level on my copy of Zelda Phantom Hourglass wins a prize.
We also have the Producer of FMA Brotherhood, Darker Than Black and Ouran High School, Mr Minami from Studio BONES on the Manga booth! this weekend at Excel London. Come on down and visit the Manga stand. Up to 50% of all DVDs and Blu-rays. Xmas shop time."

Manga have confirmed that they have licensed Bleach up to series 5 and it will be out in full before the end of next year:
"@MangaUK Is this correct? There's a 4 month gap between Bleach Series 4 Part 1 and 2??
@Paradox295 Sorry it's true! Ish with PAL Masters, but good news is we will have all of Series 5 out before end of next year too and no gaps"

You could guess this already but it been confirmed that Manga are going to release Vampire Knight:
"@MangaUK Your gonna bring out vampire knight since it's really really popular right?
@unellmay Yep. Just waiting on Viz Media Europe to give us the greenlight."



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Just looking through it again with Manga giving away Soul Eater posters at their Expo stall, could Soul Eaters be surprise license by Manga at the EXPO?


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Does Manga have license each series of Bleach when they want to release it?? Are there going to be any more releases after series 5?


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It varies how well bleach sells for series 6 and beyond to be licensed. In an Manga UK interview it was mentioned that Bleach was their second best seller behind Naruto. So the signs are good but with series 4 and 5 being filler it may cut into sales somewhat.

For the other question if I understand you correctly big series like bleach who have not finished their TV run are licensed in sections. As its a bit tricky to license something in full when you don't know how may episodes are to be made. Also it risk to licenses too many episode of big series at once in case the series become a sales flop.

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Sweet!I'll be there to get a Soul Eater poster for sure!It would be cool if Manga announced they had Soul Eater,that would make both the U.S and U.K releases come out round the same time(meaning for once we wouldn't be behind!).


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Paradox295 said:
I thought I would sign up as I got mentioned :D

So anyone know what happened with the masters then?
Welcome here. What do you mean by pal masters? The masters vid / audio from which they release DVD's?


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I hope that Manga have licensed Soul Eater. But even if they have they mite not release it til the middle of the year as they already have D.Gray-man listed for release in the first quarter as well as a few other shonen titles. It would be nice if they have licensed one or two other Funimation shows too, like Spice & Wolf. Although i may be hoping for too much.