Manga reviewers needed

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OK, here's the deal: right now I've got so much manga from Tanoshimi that it's giving me nightmares - take a look at the image I've attached, that's everything I've got. It's scary.

We need one or two manga "maniacs" crazy enough to take on this tower and produce a bunch of reviews (of course, you get the keep the manga you review). I thought I'd ask you guys before "going public" with a news post next week, so if you are interested, PM me over the forums and I'll be in touch!

What's really scary about that pile of books is how many of them I have actually read.

So, yes, I think I'm crazy enough to take on the challenge.

M.G xx


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Changed my mind :lol: I will have a go at doing the reviews seeing how i have a few freinds who can help with this :D


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I'd like to have a go at reviewing some manga. But I've never reviewed anything before, so I probably won't be very good at it. :?


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I'd be up for the task, How Detailed is the Review is it a quick review or does it have to be that similar to a review column in a magazine commenting on story, illustrations and stuff

Either way I'm Up For it


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Since people commenting on this thread, i thought i might aswell join.

I PM'ed you soon after you posted yesterday, but you probably want someone more experienced in writing than me; but i would spend a great deal of time and attention of the reviews.

and again, thanks for the chances Paul.


I've never reviewed a manga before, so I'm definitely up for this new experience. I write video game reviews for a couple of gaming websites but I've always wanted to give anime/manga a shot, so yes I'm down with this. PM written and sent, fingers crossed. :]


Ghost of Animes
OK guys, I'll be sorting everything out over the weekend. The "application period" is over, so I'll be in contact with those who qualify.
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