Manga Entertainment Reveals Q2 2021 Anime Releases - Azur Lane, BOFURI, Cannon Busters, CLANNAD, No Guns Life Season 2, Plunderer & More

Takei Daloui

Great Teacher
as i said, like clockwork they'd announce their stuff after the MVM 20% discount code had finished

funimanga bugs the hell out of me tho, they released Fairy Gone as 2 separate parts despite them being season 1 and season 2 but No Guns Life was a split-cour with a break in between and they're released as S1 and S2

Sometimes you get lucky. Last time around (or maybe the time before) they arrived hours before the code expired.


Za Warudo
How in the heck did crapamation get their grubby hands on Clannad? Last I heard Sentai had a lock on it.
Sentai never had the UK license. Manga originally licensed the series for DVD release way back and since they're now Funimation it's not too farfetched for them to release it on Blu-ray