Manga Entertainment Reveals Q2 2020 UK Anime Schedule, Featuring Fairy Tail, Fire Force, Hetalia, Wise Man's Grandchild & More

Jon O Fun

Vampire Ninja
Wise Man's Grandchild is a guilty pleasure, and just started Fire Force and quite enjoying it (kinda MHA meets Raildex) so may pick them up!!


Dandy Guy, in Space
Only interested in Fire Force and Black Clover Season 1 atm.
Haven't seen Space Battleship Yamato but I heard its good.

Don't care about the others personally.

Was hoping to see a UK BD release Hinamatsuri, Dragon Maid, Chio's School Road, Golden Kamuy and Bungou Stray Dogs tho.
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Jon O Fun

Vampire Ninja
I thought High School DxD did quite well? And with it now coming to Netflix I'm surprised Manga haven't gone with DxD Hero (s4) or ever DxD New (s2) as it's never come out here!!!!