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Yume no Shima Shinen Kōen
AUKN Staff
Regardless I still do intend on supporting Manga Entertainment on various releases, however as many like Jay has pointed out on Twitter, they are known for quitting on certain aspects mid-way rather than having faith by going through to the end. Black Clover and Boruto on Blu-ray are neat, but those are long-running shonen shows which could get downgraded to DVD only at any moment. Black Clover technically is already ducked because Part 1 was released by Sony in a silly inconsistent fat Blu-ray combo case.

I'm slowly following the standard edition route for specific routes to be honest. The Ancient Magus' Bride and Darling in the FRANXX I honestly aren't bothering with their US LE sets primarily because of how I felt with the overall show itself - both dropped like a bomb in quality, and Steins;Gate 0 is fine but the story isn't as strong as the visual novel (the original was fine because it was easier to adapt) so I'm considering skipping the LE in favor of the standard sets. Now Attack on Titan is a good question, I actually really like the franchise and while it's nice to see Seasons 2 & 3 get the LE replica treatment, but because of reasons I already mentioned and the fact that Season 3 Part 2 won't be released until mid-2020 I may as well stick with the US versions, given that I already own Season 1 in LE form.

It's by luck that I have access to Region A so I can play the likes of Attack on Titan and Overlord from the US, but others can't so it's a shame that Overlord III (and future seasons if it happens) ain't getting the treatment now.

My Hero Academia is still up in the air at the moment. I'm more than happy to get Season 1, Season 3 and the movie from Manga, but I would love it if they got Season 2 in the same treatment (maybe when it gets a complete collection?). Until then, I will hold off the franchise for home video.


They are different manga again now I cant imagine them dropping blu rays anymore. Its way different from 5 years ago. As its become more collectors its becoming more BD focused.
Boruto is BD only anyway... so what would they replace it with. Maybe cancel it I dont think Viz would be impressed though.
S;G0 LE is a bizarre choice by FUNi whoever as we didnt get a LE for the good season. AOT is great as Sony actually did release a LE for that but my sets wont match anyway as I had to get the US S1 set for good subs.
This is question more for FUNI in general I wonder why MHA S3 pt2 hasn't got a date yet.


I’m seeing if it’s gets released at a regular pace as in a year I may get them. Cos it’s on BD. I would have bought shippiden if they didn’t put the HD eps on dvd Ffs. Same as OP. WHY IS SHONEN RARELY ON BD. Boruto isn’t on BD in Japan either ehh and wow Viz we get less eps than the JP DVD box (15 eps to ours 13)