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Like the look of the collectors set, but at just short of £60 for half a season, it's a clear no from me.
Would have much rather Manga released FUNi's Franxx CE...
I agree £60 is dear but AOL have it for £44.99 and mangaUK just confirmed no CE for franxx :/


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I don't know if these already reached the UK, but recently several fake "Manga Video" DVDs appeared at varius online marketplaces on the continent.

How to spot them:
- old "Manga Video" Logo, (some?) even with VHS-era text "An Island International Company" on the back
- no BBFC printed, but stating "Region 2" PAL (some have FSK-stickers)
- old titles where the license of Manga Entertainment expired ages ago (or never existed)
- DVD only

Affected titles include, but aren't necessarily limited to: Battle Angel (Alita), Plastic Little, Venus Wars, Royal Space Force (Wings of Honneamise).

These fakes are usually priced much higher than the usual malaysian fakes and look way more professional.


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I think £44.99 on AOL seems pretty nice for CE of part one of MHA season 3 especially considering that the box is meant to house part two as well. Though I do think it will look rather odd on the shelf considering season 2 have not had a CE, having CE of season 1 and 3 while having SE for season 2 will just look really odd.


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The tweet after that it was a fine encode and I can read those subs but I’ll only go standard instead of steelbook.

But DBS.... ifs self encode and it spells Freeza wrong yes that’s a cancel


monkeys paw situation on the MHA movies

won't have any audio cutouts when loud explosions happen like i usually do with funi authored disc but on the hand it'll be manga subtitles i'll have to chance with

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Someone just posted their copy of Magus Bride on Twitter

First thing that came to mind was "I haven't seen a HD DVD case in a while... Oh bluray"

Dont used red damnit *.*


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That’s why I didn’t question JoJo also no SC yet suggests maybe it didn’t do well but no idea. I thought 5 cm would last until Shinkai’s new film. Luckily my local CEX has it so I’ll run in and grab it tomorrow morning.

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I know not everyone is region free, but Manga's disc is the exact same as Discotek's American release, which itself is a 1:1 clone of the Japanese release in regards to its video transfer.


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..I don't understand how either of those are OOP already. It can't of been that long since they were released.