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I'm still surprised a sequel has sold more tickets than stand-alone movies.

Sure, ask an Anime Fan, or even a fair amount of non- Anime Fans if they have heard of Dragon Ball and you'll likely get a yes

Then ask if the have watched Super...
Reminds me to a lesser extent of Kaze’ packaging for JoJo Set 1 that feels the need to insult my intelligence by proudly proclaiming that not only is it a Blu Ray but that it’s also in High Definition and has three Blu Ray discs (pretty sure it says this on the spine too.)
It’s more the banner proclaiming High Definition next to the damn Blu Ray signature as if there are people who still can’t tell that Blu Rays are in HD. I imported the Viz editions anyway, better packaging.
Anyway back on topic I likely won’t get Clear Card until I’ve seen the original series, which currently is only available as an expensive import or sailing the seven seas. Hopefully the rumours of AL having the OG series plus movies turns out to be true.
Another interesting note is that people are speculating on Funi making Clear Card Part 2 an LE like what they’re doing with LL Sunshine Season 2 but I’ll believe it when I see it.
It seems the standard you usually get from FUNi tbh it’s not a specially bad case like Re:Zero, SG etc, but I’m more annoyed at the specials being JP only. Why has this happened again after Maid Dragon and it’s kinda more sad when CR had these for months before broadcast so had plenty of time to dub them.