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And you thought there is never a Grav online
Manga's Autumn/Q4 2018 release slate is now available to pre-order on Amazon:

Cowboy Bebop the Movie [Blu-ray] ~ 24th Sept
Digimon Adventure Tri Part 6: Future [Blu-ray] ~ 3rd Dec
Digimon Frontier [DVD] ~ 29th Oct
Digimon Tamers [DVD] ~ 17th Sept
Ghost in the Shell 2 Innocence [Blu-ray] ~ 1st Oct
Naruto Shippuden Box 34 (ep. 431-444) [DVD] ~ 19th Nov
One Piece Collection 19 (ep. 446-468) [DVD] ~ 22nd Oct
One Piece Collection 20 (ep. 469-492) [DVD] ~ 17th Dec
Paprika [Blu-ray] ~ 24th Sept
Steamboy [Blu-ray] ~ 24th Sept
Tokyo Godfathers [Blu-ray] ~ 15th Oct
Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie [Blu-ray] ~ 8th Oct

(Disclaimer: The Amazon links above are part of the Affiliate programme)