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1 step forward:
finally getting dragon maid and new game on blu-ray
2 steps backwards:
no chio/hina and they're re-releasing highschool DxD s3 instead of giving us s2 for the first time over here

Surprised that Prison School is there despite having been blown out in the AL/Funi UK Clearance sale. Unlike AssClass that was already a complete collection, too. oo

Never heard of Cop Craft before among those titles. (Does look rather trashy though.)
Cop Craft was a pretty good anime, tho you'll probably know most about it from
the main girl swapping bodies with a cat and taking a poop in the kitty litter box


So at the moment, Bungo Stray Dogs 1,2, 3 and Dead Apple are all listed as DVDs on Amazon I hope that's not the case. But yeah as mentioned above me need the missing DxD Season 2


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no chio/hina and they're re-releasing highschool DxD s3 instead of giving us s2 for the first time over here.
I feel like MangaUK will very likely release them later on this year due to high demand from fans just like how Digimon Tamers got a UK release due to high demand from fans.
I seen people on social media ask for a UK release of Chio's School Road and Hinamatsuri constantly.

Happy to see more DxD content in the UK


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They've already said that Hinamatsuri was on the list of shows to be looked at but didn't make the cut and was passed up in the end, so I wouldn't expect it.

Anyway I'll buy Dragon Maid if it's cheap enough, probably grab Astra Lost in Space too as I was interested but not interested enough to sub to Funi for it, heard good things about it.


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Had hoped Q3 would include Nichijou.
Nice that they are releasing dragon maid and new game, though I already own them so personally not that interesting.
Hope their release of season 2 of my hero academia comes in a box that matches the limited editions of other seasons though it probably won't.


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Dumbbells would be an odd one for a LE. It's not really got much of a rewatch value, I certainly wouldn't be dropping LE money on it. Will be picking up Astra, Cop Craft, DXD and Arrow of Orion. Some good pick ups from Manga


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Tempted to get ID: INVADED though am not sure what the LE will include (I’m guessing a booklet and maybe artcards-seems to the the Funi MO with their LEs lately.)


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Is there a reason ID: INVADED is coming to home video so quickly?

I missed it while it was airing so I'll probably pick up the LE in the future.


it's a shame that manga have put up the prices of their new release, probably would've got a bit more of their new releases if they were at £16 each after the discount code


it's also worth noting that some of the listings have the wrong title or url title @mvm_uk

One Piece uncut 22

Cop Craft
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Well that's the last time I preordered from Manga. I don't mind 1-2 delays but this like what? The 6th delay for Yamato 2199. Sure now they can blame it on Covid-19 but it was already in delay hell before that.