Manchester Graphic Novel Group


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I've been going to this graphic novel book group in Manchester for years now, and I was wondering if anyone fancies it?
There's only seven of us these days so we're a small group. At the beginning of the year we all nominate a few books each, everyone votes for whatever they like the sound of, and then we come out with a reading list for the year. The group meets up once a month and debates the book basically, and it runs from 19:00 - 21:30 or thereabouts. We're all proper geeks - full on D&D on Monday nights kind of thing and it's always good to get new people. I mean we go out a lot for foodstuff etc or like there's a bar in town with consoles hooked up to every seat so we do that kind of thing, and we meet up for films etc so it's probably the most social I get to be and...well they're alright. They can tolerate me so that's a plus.
We do different types of books as well, but less so Marvel/DC stuff. For example last nights was I am Not Okay With This. Next month we're doing Future Shocks Vol 1, and the month after it's the manga Ichi-F so there's a fair variety of stuff we do. I suppose the main reason I go is because they're all weird like me and its about the most social I get.
Anyway, I know this'll be a decent trek away from most people but we're sort of...well...looking for new peeps. If anyone's interested then you're welcome to come. If you want to message me we can sort out a meetup, or feel free to just turn up and say hello.