Made in Abyss: Dawn of the Deep Soul Launches Virtually This Month


Monsieur Monster
AUKN Staff
Following a delay to the film's planned theatrical release back in April, Sentai Filmworks have announced a premium limited streaming release for the dark fantasy sequel film Made in Abyss: Dawn of the Deep Soul.

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This is exactly what filmmakers needed to do when lockdown started, still afraid to fizzle out cinemas in situations like the current one.

the purchase options could be better though, 20 bucks for only sub or dubbed? For a limited time only too. You’d rather go to the half empty cinemas at that rate, but in the UK you don’t really have a choice

I’ve never heard of the platform that’s doing it though. I was thinking amazon would be doing it before reading, they streamed the series after all


Straw Hat Pirate
Lame, was really looking forward to this too. I might have taken them up on this a few months ago, but we're only a week or two off the BD release now...

Don't quite understand how they're justifying the cost when I can get a physical cinema ticket for less, or almost 6 months of film streaming from AL for the same price. If the price was at least partially discounted off the eventual BD release I'd be on board again.


But a cinema is a better screen sound system etc so I don’t think it’s worth it at all. If it was less than the price of a cinema ticket maybe but no it’s more nearly double what the cinema that Sentai selected cost and I’m getting a worse experience and I as I like anime sub and my brother dubbed we are screwed there too.
Also yes I can’t imagine myself in a cinema until at least November for Bond but I still believe they are ripping us off by charging the same price where they will now get 100% of the money when in cinemas they would have got a lot less due to the companies needing to take a percentage for staff etc.
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Considering cinema tickets around my area are £11-£14 and I have to travel a good 20 miles to a cinema that normally puts on the more niche showings (old movies and anime) plus parking costs. It’s not that much different in cost for me.

But paying for a big screen experience and not getting it is off putting. I can’t afford to replicate a cinema in my home.


Damn, I've been waiting seemingly forever for this and the 3rd Fate movie.......!! BTW-try to recreate a theater experience in a 400 square foot condo.