Lupin the 3rd and What to Watch Next


School Idol
So after a few years i have finally caught up i had pretty much seen just about Everything Before part 5 came out that is everything before it including some of the other monkey Punch related spin off media , im now at the point of watching part 6 at an episode at a time and while im sort of on a game break wondering what i should watch first

cats eye or City hunter ?

i know the Cats Eye series is older than the city hunter series at least as far as anime is concerned

I should Also note the first Lupin Series is probbly my Fav thing to Come out of all of this :)

Professor Irony

Ah, good choice. Coming from Lupin though, I think City Hunter might be the better option, at least to begin with. Much as Cat's Eye sounds more like Lupin in its setup, I really struggled to suspend my disbelief that the main characters wouldn't have been arrested by the end of the first episode, and that's something that's never bothered me with Lupin. I do like Cat's Eye, it's still fun and it's a good looking show, but the setting feels more grounded and realistic than Lupin, so I think it's more noticeable that the girls' heists are frequently so implausible.

City Hunter is pretty daft as well to be honest, but it I think feels exaggerated enough to get away it. If you're watching it in chronological order, the first five episodes of the City Hunter TV series are a bit rough (I think initially it may have been intended to have a darker tone than where it ended up), but once it finds its feet, it's a lot of fun.

If you're looking for something that's a bit like Lupin though, I'd also recommend Space Adventure Cobra, particularly the original TV series. I've seen folk describe it as Lupin in space, and I don't think it's quite that, but it does have a very similar energy to it, and the animation is gorgeous.