London MCM Expo: October 2012


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An extra thread for MCM Expo? Maybe we should.

MCM Expo? What's that?

The London MCM Expo is a three day, Multi-Genre fan convention in London's Excel Arena showcasing Anime, Manga, Video Gaming, Sci-fi and other pieces of pop culture from around the world, mainly from the UK and Japan.

So What happens here? Usual con nonsense?

Pretty Much. Fan meetups, Sales of a lot of things, cosplays, Video Game tournaments, that sort of thing.

This time around, they're going to be hosting some Tekken Tag Tournament thing to decide who's good enough to go to the World Finals

And the guests? They aren't the usual terrible guests, are they?

They have gotten guests from various areas of geekdom; such as Anime VAs (Vic Mignogna, Kyle Hebert), Western Animation VAs (Billy West, Phil Lamarr) and even top celebrities such as... Danny Devito?

This time, they haven't announced the full line up of guests. All that's been announced is some guy who made this Hentai that I'm completely aware of because I don't watch that crap.

Sounds great and all, but how much for tickets and how do I get there?

General Entrance (From 11am, Buy them on the Day)

£10 Adults (16+)
£5 Kids (5 - 15)
Under 5s go Free

Early Entrance (From 9am, buy them online)
£16 Saturday/Sunday
£29 Weekend (This also allows you to go to the Friday preview show)

As for travel, the place you have to stop at is Canning Town first (That's on the Jubilee line) and then take a DLR train to Custom House. It's generally well known to regular MCM goers that the underground on MCM weekends do tend to have a lot of delays and works, so you might want to consider reading this post just to get an idea of what tube lines to avoid on the weekend.


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Re: London MCM Expo: Thread MKII

October 2012 List of who's going
  • theirsbailiff w/friend (Maybe, and even then I'm only going on the Saturday)


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LOL =) You don't need my permission to post something that is relevant and non-offensive.
Althought, I'd recommend to rename the thread to Expo October 2012 or something like that, for easy of use. We have a few London Expo threads like that and now search works again on the forums. Thanks to Google. :)


I have to admit they usually don't announce guest until say a fortnight before the event. I guess it's to make leeway in case any one guest can't make it to unforeseen circumstances.