London Expo?


Just browsing my NEO mag today and I was wondering. Is anyone here planning to go to the London Expo-Anime Village?
I'm quite tempted to go myself, if only I had the time. (Stupid exams!)


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Im going, booked the day off work and saved up some cash to spend just waiting for the day now :) tho im working everyday up to it :( life sucks...... think i will go back to dreaming now :)


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Videl said:
host them somewhere reasonable like manchester lol
Yeah somewhere resonable like cornwall.

I'm hopefully going, i'm really looking forward to it, although i have to factor my mums health into it....and i have completely no money saved up


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HEY! I just joined this (found on google while looking up convetions) Valha? I went to the convention at London expo. Maybe you saw me there. (Sakura Haruno) Naruto fan.


Yay I was there! did anyone see me? i was Uotani from fruitsbasket and was with Yuna,Lenne,Sakura.Tohru and Vincent. It was soooo much fun ^_^


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Ah yes i see (i just went to have another look at the expo website), she was dressed as Uo in Kyoko's Red Butterfly Trench coat. Your costumes were all really good, how much of them did you guys make


We all made our costumes. Got clothing that resembled it and then adjusted it. Sushi icecream (yuna's) Costume was very complicated. I think she's gonna sell hers, it's definately sellable (is that a word?) Quality.


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All your costumes are great, i can't believe you all made them, especially that Yuna one, that was wonderful. I really want to do cosplay, but i don't know the first thing about making costumes or textiles and all the things i want to do seem to be difficult


Hi Everyone

We look forward to seeing you all in October on the 29th & 30th.

Please feel free to come over and use the forums on our website at

We appreciate all of your feedback and any ideas, we looking forward to hearing from you and making the event even better for Anime fans