London Expo cosplay


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Hey all

I have decide don what I am cosplaying as and I am keeping it a secret till the running upo days to the expo.

But what is everyone cosplaying as if they are cosplaying?
I wont be cosplaying myself however be warned I will be there with my digital camera and am thinking about doing a piece on the expo (including cosplay) for my site.
A clue of what I am going as and its not spiderman

JAKEMAN, do I detect a hint of strongbadism?

anyway if I can be bothered to cosplay, I've been thinking of going as a guy riding a chocobo. that or mario.
I'm going as sheena from Tales of symphonia, and if i cosplay second day, im gonna do jo-beth casey from timesplitters:furure perfect
I am no longer Tetris blocking, because I left the costume behind at Minami. Parents refused to let me take it home, so no choice. :/
Changed my mind about cosplay. Me and a friend of mine are going as "team ninja" from a project of ours (still in the works)

basically we're both going as ninjas.