London August 19th FINAL INFOS


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This is the current attendance list, including the attendees from the other forum.

The List! (unsures in italics) (*I need your mobile number) (-us)
Friday night:
Kid Goku

Saturday daytime meet list:
Angelic Anime
Black Snowe
Kid Goku
**Ell the Ewok + Brother of Ewok
*NF Norrin
*Spirit Tsume
-Where's my Cow?

Saturday night:
Kid Goku

Coming on Saturday but not on the list? Let me know!
On the list but cannot come anymore? Let me know!

Forbidden Planet - Somewhere... I must be the only one here unable to find FP by themselves.
Cafe Manga - Waterloo
Trocadero - Piccadilly Circus

These are the only places to go suggested so far. I also suggest generic shops such as HMV.

Since most of us will have a lot more to carry after visiting Forbidden Planet, I'd suggest we visit there later in the day. I also think we should visit the Trocadero arcade early while we've no bags full of shopping, & while it is less busy. At Cafe Manga, we're sure to have a nice rest, so I'd suggest that for the evening as we all wind down, & people start to leave; plus it'd be a good place to compare purchases. ^_^

So, I offer to you all my suggestion of a day plan!


If you cannot get to the meeting place in Waterloo before 1PM, please state so here, & we'll sort something out. :)

First stop, Trocadero! Here we have lots of shopping & a huge arcade.
Second stop, either food, or Forbidden Planet + other shopping.
Third stop, whichever we didn't do for the second.
Fourth stop, Cafe Manga. Moving around to Namco arcade after we've had enough, as it is right next door.

Extra suggestion! Anyone fancy a trip on the London Eye in the evening/late afternoon?

These plans are not final unless you all want them to be. In other words, if enough people would rather do it differently, we'll do so. ^_^

Now, there are a few very important things that must be done before the meet.

1. If there in an asterisk by your name, please PM me your mobile number. It is important that I can contact you & that you can contact me.
2. If anyon has anything serious medically that should be known then please, tell me. It may seem a little more than is necessary, but I don't want anyone coming to any harm. So any peanut allergies & the like, please let me know.
3. If you have a Nintendo DS or a PSP, bring it! Such oppertunities for multiplayer games should not be missed!
4. Weather is unknown, but this is August. We could still get a heatwave. Carry a bottle of water with you just in case. If high heat makes you particularly unwell, let me know.

Friday pre-meet. Only myself, Aimz, Kid Goku, & Kratos are booked for the Friday night sleeping. Anyone who would like to join us during the day on the Friday, let me know. There are no fixed meet times for the Friday & no set plan, just an aim to have a good day, & see places of interest (I'm hoping Oriental City is one).

Valha & JAKEMAN, I will need £18.50 from each of you please. This covers the Saturday night at £18.50 each. Also, if you are bringing your laptop Valha, I'll bring my portable hard drive & fill it with anime. We could copy files from each other to expand our collections. ^_^


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I won't be able to make it due to work. Sorry to tell you so late, but I only found out a short time ago. Enjoy yourselves though x


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i know it's late but i'm going to have to drop out of this one :(

someone's off sick at work and i have to cover their hours :cry:


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I've got no choice but to cover for them seeing as i'm the only other person in the store who can do their job too :S