LAME* 2006 on July 1st


Ghost of Animes
The name is quite interesting; at least it grabs attention (be it in a good or bad light).


Death Scythe
Well, it makes you feel that you're going to something lame lol.

The website has some stuff about being lame too, strange...


I guess i should explain the stupid name XD;

The elite thing is not to be taken seriously btw, it's just a joke. And we wanted a name that would atleast attract attention whether good or bad, and decided to take the chance.

We're idiots, i know.


Dandy Guy, in Space
You've probably been told Duckie, but images in sigs don't go down well here.

As far as this meet-up goes, I'll see where I stand after exams. The only thing is that then I'd have to go to a new forum and meet a load of new people... but the name didn't really swing it for me. I don't want to be LAME*...


It surprises me the amount of people away from Live Journal take te whole 'are you lame enough?' thing so...seriously.

Please don't think im being rude, but we've had a lot of criticism about the whole name thing and im still bewildered as to why it's such a big issue.

I'm sorry if it's not your thing, but a lot of people are interested and want a nice break after exams, and if it's not up to your standards then we can't really do anything about it ~__~

We've put in a lot of effort into this and all the people that are coming are definite to have a great time- whether you want to be there or not is really up to you.


Death Scythe
Actually, the name appeals to my twisted sense of humour but what with living in the other end of nowhere visiting London is an expensive proposition.

It's a good idea though so I wish the event the best of luck! :)


Death Scythe
I feel bad for saying that now lol, i think i was just too quick to judge it, which is stupid really, so yeah sorry about that, i read the website and it looks interesting, and the name has a slight fun feel to it the more you read about it... it's not really my kind of thing so i won't be going, but anyway nice site and i hope it goes well :O I should support new anime events, yay for anime event in the UK and so on...